Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and find out more about this opportunity at SWISCo. This is the key leadership role within a new organisation, which is pioneering new approaches to ensure the very best in service provision for the people of Torbay.

It has the potential to be a great career move, with considerable scope to bring your influence to bear on how the organisation develops and grows, and to play an integral role in setting the tone and culture that can act as a foundation for success.

We’re looking for someone who relishes the opportunity to be a visible and collaborative place leader. And what a great place to do it in. Torbay is a fantastic destination, with much to offer those who live here as well as those who are just visiting.

Like many coastal settings, we also have complex social, economic and demographic challenges, and this person will have a strategic role to play, working with the Council and other partners to ensure a cohesive and effective approach to addressing these.

More than anything else, we will be hoping candidates offer highly effective leadership skills. These will be invaluable in bringing the workforce together as a single team, consolidating and harmonising how people work, and clearly defining and modelling the SWISCo way.

It’s highly possible that you’ll have direct professional experience in one or some of the services that we provide, but it’s your wider skillset that will identify you as the right person for this role: relationship building; leadership; strategic awareness; and performance management skills will all be key attributes.

The Council has engaged Solace in Business to support them in making this appointment. I encourage you to contact them on 020 7976 3311 to find out more about the role. Good luck in your application.

Anne-Marie Bond
Anne-Marie Bond
Chief Executive, Torbay Council


We’re lucky to have stunning coastal landscapes and many other natural assets that deserve careful and attentive management; and maintaining this environment effectively is vitally important in the context of a local economy that is heavily reliant on visitors choosing Torbay all year round.