About SWISCo


SWISCo came into being in July 2020. It is a private limited company that is wholly owned by Torbay Council and it is tasked with delivering the highest quality services to the people of Torbay on behalf of the Council. 

The company currently employs approximately 350 people and serves a population of 130,000.

Our current service portfolio includes the following:

  • Waste and recycling collections
  • Recycling centres
  • Street cleansing
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Highway maintenance
  • Commercial waste collections

Looking to the future, there may be opportunities to expand and diversify what we do, but our immediate focus will be on ensuring our core service offering as detailed above is delivered effectively, ensuring high rates of customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability and value for money.

As a relatively new organisation we are still in a formative period, embedding new ways of working, forming new teams and ensuring that we harness the full potential and expertise of our staff. We have outlined our Culture and Principles to define how we want to work:

  • Put safety first in all that we do
  • Use reducing resources to best effect
  • Drive efficiency through innovation and technology
  • Embrace sustainable and ethical solutions
  • Adopt an integrated and joined up approach with our communities, customers and partners
  • Seek opportunities whilst managing risk
  • Aim for and expect to deliver continuous improvement


Our vision is that we will “improve and sustain where we live and work by transforming service delivery”. That means that innovation, best practice and greater use of technology must be embedded in all that we do, so that we can fulfil our agreed purpose: “to deliver safe, reliable and efficient services to enable our communities to thrive”.