The role

Managing Director
£87,402 - £97,172

This is an opportunity for a highly capable and experienced individual to lead SWISCo through this key stage in its development, embedding and consolidating new ways of working and building a cohesive, collaborative culture that enables people to thrive.

There is a great platform on which to build. Early feedback from customers and from key stakeholders indicates that front line service improvements are already evident. You’ll ensure we capitalise on this initial success, and that positive momentum continues.

As a relatively new organisation we continue to focus closely on the mechanics and culture of the organisation: bringing new teams together and establishing new ways of working that underpin great service delivery. You’ll play an involved role in this work, setting expectations and ensuring that staff have the right tools and support they need to excel.

From a service delivery perspective, you’ll ensure that we adopt an outward facing perspective, so that we know what our customers want. But this will also be evident in how we design and deliver our services – you will pay close attention to what’s happening in the sector, identifying good practice and innovation and using this as a benchmark for our own performance.

It’s important that you offer a breadth of perspective that enables you to see how our work connects and influences at a strategic level: affecting the local economy, health and wellbeing and quality of life. We don’t have a prescriptive view of your technical or professional background, but it’s important that you can demonstrate an assured insight on operational, place-based services, including an informed appreciation of statutory requirements and the level of scrutiny and interest that such services attract. It’s vital that you can see things in the round – a detailed understanding of the client role in such an operating model will be key to support the close partnership working that will be key to its success.

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Looking to the future, your commercial awareness will be key in identifying new opportunities for SWISCo – whether that’s in new service areas or widening our customer base in our core areas.